Things to Do - Valentining


Every year all the great homemade Valentines posted throughout the web inspire me. Then I remember that the days preceding Valentine's Day are some of the most peaceful in our house as the girls use this time to create on their own terms. They do not want my help or input, they have their own ideas and they take them seriously. P and F sit at the table for hours, coming up with new layouts, writing all their friends' names, trying to personalize all the cards in one way or another.

So I catch up on old New Yorkers for awhile (I particularly loved this fantastic article on planting trees to hold back the Sahara). Or (more often) I chase T around the house and beg him not to destroy anything (while carrying a New Yorker and attempting to read it).

Anyways, the girls take their task SERIOUSLY, i just provide the materials needed for masterpieces - this year we agreed on tons of hearts, jewels, and princess stickers from Oriental Trading. The jewels are my favorite. Love that bling.

What are you making for Valentine's Day? I'd love to hear!


*I love everything about this apartment. I want to move in.

*44 Weeks of Words.

*99 Designers Reveal Their Fall 2012 Inspirations. So fun to click through and see the diversity of ideas.

*Beautiful pictures of China's changing coastlines.


Of course, we require dance breaks. Our new ribbons really get the party started.


And paper doll breaks.


T and I made castles for the paper dolls. Unfortunately, most of the dolls fell apart before they have a chance to settle into their new homes.


  1. Oh, looks like fun! I can't wait until my Little Lulu is old enough for crafts. In fact, I tried some finger painting the other day. She was NOT into it :-)
    Hannah at www.thrivingthirty.tumblr.com

  2. I enjoyed your pictures.
    Last night my daughter laid out supplies for her 6 year old to make her own Valentines. We thought this would be good for her rather than just buying abox. the 12 year old decided to make some for her friends too. I wished I had gottne pics, too.
    Malika the No Non-cents Nanna



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