Places to Go (Vacation) - Indianapolis, Part III - Getting our Feet Wet at Holiday Park and Farm to Table Dining at Traders Point Creamery


When we vacation with my mom she usually brings her dog, Murphy, with us. So for the last day of our trip, I tried to plan a dog-friendly outing. Holliday Park ended up being the perfect place for both canines and kids. The park contains huge old ruins and statues, taken from a torn down building in NYC. A gigantic playground and pretty fun nature center are also on site. But our favorite part of the park was the small, but beautiful trail network which lead us to the White River. We all spent the morning with our shoes off playing in the water.

For dinner, a good friend recommended Traders Point Creamery's Dinner on the Deck, which turned out to be the absolute perfect place to take kids on a Friday night (thank you, Cathi!). Live music - the duet took requests as varied as the Hokey Pokey to the Grateful Dead. Farm fresh buffet style food. Cows in the background. A wonderful way to end our week. T met two little girls and they ran in circles. Around and around again. While F sketched at our table and P alternated between siblings.

The next morning, we loaded the mini-van up and drove 9 hours to another vacation destination - a cottage on Smith Mountain Lake with Dan's family. I love summer.


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  1. We are so glad that you enjoyed your visit to our farm! The pictures are beautiful, and we love seeing your kids enjoy our property. Please come back and see us when you are in the area!



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