Things to Do - 12 in 12 (September)

This month the 12th fell on Thursday of an already hectic week. The kids had recently returned to school, which caused me to become (oddly) sentimental about how fast they're growing up (basically I was a hot mess). So to cheer me up, on Tuesday we adopted a super cute little puppy from Alexandria Animal Shelter - Odessa, a boxer/hound mix. (In full disclosure, Coco becomes anxious when alone so we've debated adopting another dog for awhile now).

Odessa is literally the cutest thing ever, but we're still adjusting to her crazy sharp little puppy teeth (luckily, she potty trained herself in a record amount of time).

By Thursday, I was tired and the random 95 degree heat didn't make anything easier. So we planned on a pretty lazy day. I worried that we wouldn't have enough pictures for a decent post, but somehow I ended up with some good shots - which is why I love this project, it truly forces you to see the beauty in seemingly boring days.

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untitled (12 of 221).jpg

7:00 am - Puppies wake up early, but she sure is cute.

untitled (33 of 221).jpg

untitled (58 of 221).jpg

8:30 am - Walk to grade school. We're slowly adjusting to two leashes. (F now owns an "I love nerds" lunchbox, which has become her most prized possession - "I heard nerds are really smart. Who wouldn't want to be really smart?")

untitled (101 of 221).jpg

1:30 pm - Playdate at T's friends house. This kid has a real treehouse, with a ceiling fan and furniture. It's amazing. (By the way, regarding the huge time gap, while all the kids were in school I went to the gym and completed some errands (like finally upgrading from a first generation iphone)).

untitled (117 of 221).jpg

2:00 pm - Baby in the baby pool (all of the older kids opted to stay in the treehouse with their "treasure map"). By the way, did I mention that it's over 90 degrees outside? Wowsers.

untitled (134 of 221).jpg

3:00 pm - Walking home from the playdate.

untitled (152 of 221).jpg

3:45 pm - The puppy is a huge hit at grade school pick up. HUGE HIT!!

untitled (154 of 221).jpg

3:50 pm - P lost a tooth during school. This is great news because loose teeth really gross me out.

untitled (1 of 1).jpg

5:00 pm - We planned on taking F to martial arts, but an afternoon thunderstorm made us lazy. So I let the kids watch Project Runway on the computer while I cooked dinner (ever since watching PR with my mom in Indianapolis, the girls are OBSESSED with this show. T tries to understand it, but he ends up pretty bored most episodes).

untitled (202 of 221).jpg

untitled (207 of 221).jpg

6:30 pm - After the rain dog walk before bath time.

untitled (217 of 221).jpg

11:00 pm - The final crowd from our monthly neighborhood moms' wine night. A lot of women left earlier but we kept going.


  1. Oh my God, that puppy.... Adorable. Awesome pictures!!!

  2. Awesome pix!!!!!!!!!! Oh that puppy. My daughter has been begging for a dog every day lately. EVERY DAY.

  3. I will echo what the others said and say: PUPPY!

    This season of Project Runway is pretty great, isn't it?



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