Things to Do - Grateful List (August 2013)

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* Watching No (wonderful movie)
* Reading Homeward Bound: Why Women Are Embracing the New Domesticity
* Reading The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls: A Novel
* Attending Peter Coffins' Here & There at the Hirshhorn (esp. his light projections in the museum's basement)
* Listening to Alabama Shake's Boys and Girls
* Watching the Place Beyond the Pines (still not sure what to make of this movie)
* Rereading The Great Gatsby (amazing how much of this book was lost on high school me)
* Bedtime Math with the kids
* Reading New Yorker articles on forgery and auto-immune disease (August 26, 2013)

* CSA dinners on weekends then nights at the playground
* Scissor salsa and walnut basil bean dip (from Arcadia Farm camp)
* Homemade blackberry ice cream with fresh picked blackberries
* Dark and stormies (thank you, Allegra!)

* T at the Mt Vernon kids' room with the soldier toys, "ATTACK!! ATTACK!!"; "Mom, can you please rebuild the cabin? They need to knock it down again."
* Laser tag with T and J at Adventure Park USA
* The playground at dusk/dark
* Golden Books and the American Table at the Smithsonian Museum of American History
* Watching ET with T and Dan outside at Penrose Square
* Picking our own potatoes at Great Country Farms

* The girls riding their razor scooters everywhere (including the ramp at the grocery store)

* Homemade charades
* "Can everyone please stop being mean to pink sheet?" - T
* "Dad, why do they call them white people [in the Little House books], do they always wear white shirts or something?" - T
* P building railroad tracks for T
* The girls sorting groceries for me
* T saying, "Can I ask a question?" over and over again
* "I'm not a little kid, I'm a big kid. I'm 4." - T
* "I have a question, is a husband a type of dad?" - T
* A rainy day at home - books on the couch, sharpie T shirts, homemade playdough
* "I believe in God and Santa" [long pause] "and MAYBE the easter bunny." - T
* F - "T, Fireman Sam is a bad influence on you. Firefighting isn't easy, firefighters die every day, they actually die."/ T - " I don't want to be a firefighter who dies, I'm going to be a firefighter like Sam."
* The Shahs visiting for Labor Day weekend

VACATIONS [a weekend in Snowshoe, WV; Indianapolis with Grandma T; Smith Mountain Lake with Dan's family]
* "Do you know what's a bummer about hotel rooms, mom? No space in your room to cartwheel." - P
* A great day at the lake after a rainy/cold morning [Snowshoe, WV] with Julia and Tracie
* COSI's streets of yesteryear exhibit [Columbus, OH]
* James' Turrell's grey square and Do-Ho Suh's floor of people [Indianapolis Art Museum]
* Free breakfast and dinner (plus a pool) at the Homewood Suites at the Crossing [Indianapolis]
* The Indianapolis Art Museum's Art and Nature park [esp. a Flock of Signs]
* The Indianapolis Art Museums's Star Studios (I wish all art museums had a space like this)
* T in the civil war camp [Connor Prairie, Indianapolis]
* F making pendants [Connor Prairie, Indianpolis]
* A whole day with no complaining at Connor Prairie (the kids LOVED that place)
* Watching Project Runway with my mom and the kids
* The Egypt exhibit and becoming an Avatar at the Indianapolis Children's museum
* Playing in the river at Holiday Park [Indianapolis]
* Dinner on the Deck with live music at Turning Point Creamery [Indianapolis], I LOVED this place
* The magnet wheel and fountain dancing at the Clay Center [Charleston, WV]
* Seeing 10+ deer on the drive to our rental house in Smith Mountain Lake, VA
* T on the boat and the rest of the kids swimming in the lake [Smith Mountain Lake, VA]
* Floating on the lake and watching the clouds [Smith Mountain Lake, VA]
* Dominion at night, stars, and marshmallows [Smith Mountain Lake, VA]
* Dan catching a HUGE bass on the morning of his birthday ["T, did you help dad catch that huge fish?" "No mom, I'm so proud, he did it all by himself."]
* Everyone arting with Grandma M [Smith Mountain Lake, VA]


F - my family, being tall enough to ride Wildkratt [at Adventure Park USA], a great day at the amusement park, a nice to house to live in and food to eat, friends sleeping over, staying up late, drawing, that we have everything we need actually a little more than we need, a great vacation at Snowshoe, seeing Harry Potter's cape [at the Smithsonian Museum of American History], my cousins, grandma's house, going to the children's museum [Indianapolis], watching Project Runway with Grandma T, having a roommate [Grandma T], the telegraph [at Connor's Prairie], making my silver pendant necklace [at Connor's Prairie], moving up to a new level in my piano books, the river [at Holiday Park, Indianapolis], the place we went for dinner [Trader's Point Creamery, Indianapolis], the lake with my cousins and grandparents [Smith Mountain Lake], jumping in the lake from the rope, the house we're renting [on Smith Mountain Lake], Hannah and her parents visiting, picking potatoes with Hannah and M [Great Country Farms], an all day playdate with M

P - going to the amusement park [Adventure Park USA], a nice house to live in and food to eat, playing with my friend E at Snowshoe, going to the County Fair, I have a huge list and I'm too tired to say it, my new fan [she bought it herself at the Indianapolis Museum of Art], calling daddy [from Indianapolis], going to Connor Prairie, my new Barbie, Project Runway, my family

T - playing laser tag [at Adventure Park USA], my family, a nice house to live in and food to eat, sleepovers, Great Country Farms, staying up late, going to museums, Snowshoe, riding the ski lift, the cool museum [Indianapolis Museum of Art], Murphy, my new gun, meeting new friends at Traders Point Creamery

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