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* The NATIONAL BUILDING MUSEUM'S Big Build is this SATURDAY. Last year we had a blast, click here to read about it.

* I forgot my phone. So so true.

* These are cool. Just trust me.

* As we know, I can't stop cooking Gwyneth's recipes, her quinoa/brown rice lunch bowls taste fantastic (and they're so easy to make).

* I absolutely love this picture (actually the whole blog is pretty amazing).

* The 25 Most Memorable Moments in TV History. I think I need to watch Roots.

* Broccoli lawns.

* I love when people make bookworms laugh. Especially those of us who love good children's books.

* "Moreing" - an art movement focused on excess.

* Wonderful and inspiring photos of famous artists who are now in their 80s - "What I find the most interesting is that the reason for creating has changed . . . . As a young artist I was, like many artists, ambitious. Now, in my 80s, I feel more relaxed about it. I want to present things that really speak to the authentic me rather than what’s popular in the art world or what the trends are or whether it can sell. All of those things seem to have fallen away."

* Bonnie Bryant. I can't stop looking at these.

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P wanted a photo of herself looking "sassy." So she went through months and months of my online files, this was the only picture that met her criteria.


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