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I don't write about toys often on this blog. Mainly because I think of toys as an annoyance to be dealt with rather than a cause for celebration. But every once in awhile a winner comes along. I originally bought T the Magformers XL Cruisers Construction Set for Xmas (yeah, I know a long time ago). And, despite a few pathetic attempts by me to build stuff with him, they sat on the shelf for a good six months or so. Well, until one day I looked down (probably while typing this blog) and realized that my living room was dominated by magnetic car pieces. After this, the magformers never seemed to stay on the shelf for long.

Up until now, T's never been much of a "toy" kid. He prefers dress up and random imaginary games using household objects (often household objects that I would prefer remain solely in my own possession), but he loves making cars with this set. Actually cars might be too narrow of a word, I'll go with "random vehicles with wheels." Perhaps it's the whole magnet thing (all three kids still like magnatiles). Anyways, the magformers have made our afternoons so much more fun - we build, we destroy, we rebuild (okay, so actually T rebuilds while I read a book on the couch). I love these things (actually I love them so much that we now own the Magformers Power Construction Set because every kid needs a crane).

(Oh, full disclosure, I use Amazon affiliate links on this blog (which make me a few dollars a month at most), but I've never met the magformers people nor have they ever given me anything for free. Not to say i wouldn't take some swag if offered, though such offers are few and far between).

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