Things to Do - Celebrate the Solstice


I'm not sure why the solstice has become such a big event for me. In part because the more I learn about the history of the holiday, the more in awe I am of how many traditions have survived in modern times - such as lighting candles and decorating with evergreen . Further, Christmas with children comes with a lot of pressure (the big man in the red suit) and the solstice presents a nice opportunity to forget about Santa for day.

After the pinata debacle in October (click here for backstory), I promised F a special playdate with a new, full pinata and the solstice served as the perfect opportunity for such an event. Due to the small size of our house, we needed to keep the guest list pretty tiny. For the kids, I had crackers and masks and noisemakers. Plus, cupcakes for decorating and a pinata for attacking. For the moms, I had wine. Yum. Not exactly traditinal fare, but all in all a good afternoon. There's something sort of exciting about a lone butterfly soaring through winter's naked trees.

I learned an important lesson - don't bake red velvet cupcakes with children. The red dye gets EVERYWHERE.

Another important lesson, if you plan on taking pictures of children with a pinata, it's best to use bags that don't say Safeway and Target. For aesthetics.


The kids loved the masks, they created an afternoon of superheros. I also bought Window Mega Markers, so all the kids could participate in "decorating" the house. One week later, I still haven't erased everything.

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