Things to Make - A Gingerbread House


So, I didn't come up with this idea. Rather, F saw the gingerbread house kit at A.C. Moore and begged me to buy it. And, of course, I caved, as I often do when they choose crafty stuff over plastic crap. We bought this kit, though I swear it was under $10 in the store. I figured that assembling a pre-baked gingerbread house would be easy, but, in reality, "gluing" the walls together brought back awful memories of making popsicle-stick bridges in junior high (I failed that one, thus ending my short-lived physicist career). But I persevered and after a day of drying we had a little house on our hands. After that everything went smoothly - I stood back and let the girls decorate however they wanted (well, I did help with windows, at F's request). And they had a ball.

The naive part of this whole story is that I didn't actually understand that the girls only wanted the house because it resembled a gigantic cookie (I assumed they wanted to make something pretty). So it didn't take long (two days) before I caved and let them eat/attack/destroy it. We enjoyed our first round of demolition with family friends and hot chocolate after Zoolights. For the next few days the pillage continued. The girls decided that the true value of the house resided in the candy decorations as the gingerbread was sort of "yuck." Watching P use all tools available to pick one little gumdrop off the roof was truly a sight to behold. I felt so proud.


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