Places to Go - The Arlington County Fair (Arlington, VA)


So the County Fair is sort of a big deal in our house (to put it lightly). Any time of year whenever you ask P where she would go if she could go ANYWHERE in the world she answers with the fair. I wish I could tell you that our fair was SO MUCH better than all other carnivals, but it really isn't - just the same old cheesy rides that move from state to state and lots of local food vendors. I guess it is somewhat unique in that they fill the auditorium with booths from local businesses and charities and sometimes we like to wander around the AIR-CONDITIONED space and learn about all the cool stuff going on around us (and sometimes not so cool stuff, kudos to my neighbor for telling off the crazy people at Arlington's ex-gay booth). But mostly the fair just symbolizes the end of summer and a sort of community spirit. My favorite part is seeing the kids grow every year - last year they felt so BIG when they braved the toddler roller-coaster (and I use the word "roller-coaster" broadly), making me curious to see what feats this year's fair will bring.

If you're interested, the fair runs Wednesday, August 10 through Sunday, August 14th. Check the website (linked here) for the daily hours. The Star Family Circus (which looks awesome) performs daily.

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  1. There's an ex-gay booth at the Arlington County fair? How bizarre! I don't think they're going to get a very good reception here. Did you see the racing piglets? I have to say, I'm intrigued... xo k



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