Things to Do - The Baby Pool


We bought the baby pool during a heat wave, about four years ago. It was the only one left on the shelf. Holes formed almost immediately, and the side stopped inflating. Every year we promise ourselves we'll buy a new one, but we always procrastinate until the hottest days arrive and by then most stores have sold out. So we return to our old standby. Plus, I keep thinking the kids will outgrow it soon, but when heat indexes climb above 110, the whole family craves the pool, especially me.

Hope you're all having a good summer!!


*10 Cheap Ways to Beat the Heat - a really great list.

*This may be the best kitchen remodel I've ever seen.

*Favorite Cooks Books for Kids - yay!! I've been looking for good children's cook books for awhile now.

*I LOVE these necklaces.


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