Places to Go (Vacation) - Ann Arbor, MI - Part I - University of Michigan Law School - The Third Stop On Our Michigan Roadtrip

six Dan and I met during law school, at University of Michigan. So on our way to Mackinac Island (more posts on Mackinac next week) we stopped in Ann Arbor for a few nights.

After we arrived, we took a family walk through the law school quad and watched as a large wedding party posed for photos. The quad is sort of famous for it's gothic and striking beauty, the whole thing really takes your breath away the first time you see it - like a secret garden or something. But when the snow comes it becomes cold and desolate. Which is sort of how I remember all of Ann Arbor.

Most of my law school friends (including my husband) have wonderful memories of the city itself and it was fun to watch Dan walk the kids through the law school, telling stories about Constitutional law and Antitrust. And F asking "oh, so is that where you learned arithmetic? Did you have recess? Were your teachers nice? Did you color pictures in class?" (well, not exactly). As for me, I still find the place uninviting and cold - like photographs of desolate places in Antarctica - so fun to look at, but not the best place to live year round.

An addition to the law school is under construction, which ironically contains a lovely GLASS CEILING. maybe they'll call it the women's lounge. now I just sound bitter.

After our law school "tour" we walked past Domick's bar, home of the regionally famous sangria and famed law school hang out, and then my own memories came flashing back. I miss you Dominick's. I miss you. three

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  1. Love your images, as always. I know so many people who've spent time in Ann Arbor - one of these days I'd like to visit.



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