Places to Go (Vacation) - Warren Dunes State Park (Sawyer, MI) - The Second Stop on Our Roadtrip of Michigan


After the kids and I spent a week at my mom's house, Dan flew in to meet us so we could embark on a road trip of Michigan. First stop - a day at Warren Dunes State Park in Sawyer, MI (a little over one and a half hours from Chicago).

As a family, we've gone to the beach quite a few times, but our trips usually occur while we're staying on our near the water; whereas we stopped by Warren Dunes for a few hours on our way to Ann Arbor (more on Ann Arbor on Wednesday). I found it rather amusing to watch Dan and T attempt to rally for a day at the beach - sand irritates them both (not only do they look alike, they think alike), so they spent a large part of the morning cuddled in a corner of the blanket, trying to avoid contact with the tiny granules that get everywhere.

The girls and I, however, couldn't stop playing in the water. I love summer.

My old Cabbage Patch Kids now travel everywhere with us. Luckily, they didn't go in the water.


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*I REALLY want these shoes.

*This little girls' shirt literally made my stomach turn (link via A Day That Is Dessert). Luckily, these kids' t-shirts are AWESOME!(thanks Michelle!). I used to buy the kids a ton of t-shirts from Reckon, until they were old enough to say "these are too weird to wear."

*You are Not a Photographer. I found the idea for this blog somewhat offensive, but the pictures are REALLY funny.

*Gorgeous instagram photos. I can't decide which one I like best, maybe the lamp?

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