Places to Go (Vacation) - Ann Arbor, MI, Part II - Nichols Arboretum - The Third Stop on Our Roadtrip of Michigan


Dan proposed to me in Nichols Arboretum. It was our third year of law school, during finals and I hadn't showered in about two days. We brought my dog to run around and decided to take my roommate's dog too, so we had a cheering squad. I hate diamonds so Dan had this beautiful, quirky, emerald and sapphire ring custom made, which was so perfect for me (and which I've since lost, as I tend to lose everything). At first I thought he was joking, as he swore we WOULD NOT be one of those cheesy couples who gets engaged during the last few weeks of law school (and, truth be told, I think two other couples in our class became engaged the same weekend as us).

Anyways, we thought it would be fun to take the kids to the arb. The girls loved asking questions, like
"mommy, what did you look like then?"
"Well, like me only younger and skinnier."
"I can't picture it."
"I can't either anymore."

And - "What was daddy wearing? Did Dos (the dog) cry? Did you say yes? Where was I?"

T, on the other hand, decided to throw one huge whopper of a tantrum. Seriously, the kind where we had to carry him back to the car screaming. In retrospect, it was much easier to bring dogs with us. Oh well, seven years, three kids later and I'm more in love then ever. Even with a screaming toddler in the backseat.

*F brought her own camera (we gave her a "real" camera, no more kids' camera) and took the pic of me and Dan, which sort of made my day.
*I think I need to frame the one of Dan and all the kids. Lots of love there. Lots.
hotel In Ann Arbor we stayed at the Regent Hotel and Suites, which was great with the kids (a pool, an outdoor gazebo, a fairly decent free breakfast, Rio on demand). The Cabbage Patch Kids continue to travel everywhere with us. Along with a huge suitcase of Cabbage Patch clothes. Remember Koosas?


*THIS is quite funny.

*Rummey Bears has a great post on blogs vs. real life where she asks "As a blog author do you retain ownership to portray your life as whatever you please? Or do you think as your readership grows you have an ethical responsibility to be more aware of the picture you are painting?" I struggle with this too, I try not to concentrate too much on the tough side of parenting (who wants to remember all the bad stuff in life?), but on the other hand I just blogged about a toddler tantrum. So it goes.

*I can't stop listening to Miss Moss's newest mix. Click here to download it for free.

*Bruschetta three ways - these look yummy!

*WOW!! Stunning.

*Violence against women - a photo essay. Prepare to be depressed.

*Noel Camardo. USA.


  1. Love this post! Your comments and the pictures are beautiful!

  2. Love the pictures- especially the one with Dan and the kids and the one with the kids on the sofa. The links are great too, as always. Thanks!



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