Things to Do - Halloween




The radio announced that this Halloween was especially dark, they didn't explain why, perhaps because daylight savings time doesn't start until next week. On the upside, at least the snow fell two days before the festivities began.

T trick or treated with us for the first time this year (usually he stays home and hands out candy with Dan). He seemed both confused and amazed; at first T had no desire to wear his costume, but when he saw all the other kids he asked to put it on. P remembered to tell every house about her peanut allergy (seriously, what's with all the Reese's? I felt like we were dodging bullets all night), one couple even went back inside and gave her oreos from their pantry because they didn't have anything peanut-free in the bowl, how nice is that? Our friends went as Blu and Jewel from the movie Rio, aren't their home-made costumes amazing? The best part was watching them flap their wings and "fly" through the night. And F's favorite part of the evening? Going home and giving her candy out to the new trick or treaters, hence how we recycled the peanut butter goodies. So goes the cycle of Halloween.

Hope you all had a good All Hallows Eve!!


I had to take a few pics of all three kids before we attacked the night. Wish T would have worn his Elmo, but perhaps the sword better demonstrates his true warrior personality.


  1. Oh my gosh, I can't wait until Lulu can, you know, walk and talk...so we can have a Halloween that looks like this! Beautiful pictures of your brood. x

  2. Oh it's so much fun to dress up! We did never celebrate Halloween but in Switzerland there is the carnival to dress up and here in Israel we have "Purim".



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