Things to Do - Take Pictures on a Train


Just some pictures from my train rides to and from NYC. HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND EVERYONE!! See you on Monday!

And thank you to everyone who entered our giveaway for the Sand Castle CD, all winners should have been contacted via facebook or email - I hope you like the music!!


*I really want to go here.

*Soviet-era bus stops.

*A Shade of Red. One lipstick. All types of women.

*Behind the scenes for American Gothic.

*100 Hanging Scissors. Sort of creepy, sort of cool. I guess that's the point.

*A new issue of Lonny is online. Our rug made the front cover (well, probably not the Ikea version that we own, but at least it LOOKS the same).

*Purephoto - it's pretty addicting. Even Gwyneth is a fan. I know it's uncool to like her, but I sort of like her. And while we're on the subject, I can spend HOURS perusing Saatchi online, especially the cheap prints section.

*Reasons to celebrate - 22 years ago the Berlin Wall fell.


By the way, I don't know the woman reading the book. I just liked how her ring-filled hands looked when reflected off the window.

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