Things to Make - The Story of a Box


I'm somewhat addicted to Amazon's Subscribe & Save Program (why run out for toilet paper when you can have it delivered to your door for free?) - the prices are good and free two day shipping continues to amaze me (I'm a dork like that). My husband, on the other hand, has problems with all the packaging waste, so I set out to prove to him that where he sees extraneous boxes, we see an all-day craft project.

Stage 1 was easy - I simply asked P and T if they wanted to ride in a "boat." So they spent all morning in a large box. I didn't even paint it or anything as they seemed perfectly content "steering" their simple vessel throughout the waves of our living room. But finally (of course) the sides collapsed. At this point, T decided he wanted a house, but P decided he really needed his own castle. On to Stage 2 . . .


In a half-hearted attempt to make a collapsed box look more castle-like I added "pillars" made from old paper toll rolls (I just cut slits in the bottom of the rolls to attach them to the sides of the "castle"). Then the painting began - one color at a time (some sense or order was needed). T painted everything in long thick lines ("look mommy, I make railroad tracks. lots of railroad tracks.") Maybe I've been in momland for too long (maybe???) but I actually think T's whole creation looks rather impressive (move over Picasso, we've got SKILLS). Or maybe it's just that T was having the time of his life. Finally painting came to an end and we waited for the pigment to dry.

T spent a large part of the next day walking around with his "castle" wrapped around him. I assumed we'd tape the sides together and make an exit on the bottom but he preferred to wear it. At some point he decided it was now a horse and galloped around. A rainbow horse. okay.

And finally, the box made its way to recycling. But at least we showed it love.

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  1. So cute..I'm sure he had more fun than playing with his toys.

  2. We are totally impressed with T's painting skillz. Hope you saved that one!

  3. This looks fantastic! Just some days ago I brought a huge box home and we made a small hut... now I might think about it and let the girls also paint the box.



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