Things to Do - Hug a Tree


As I mentioned on Tuesday, the kids and I have a "crush" (for lack of a better term) on a tree on the corner of our block. The downside being that every time T walks past the tree, he spends at least twenty minutes playing in her discarded leaves and making stick swords out of her fallen limbs. This really isn't a bad way to spend an afternoon, though I'm always nervous the house's owners will yell at us.


T rarely walks outside without a stuffed animal or a stick in his hands, usually both. He likes to slam the stick into bushes and claim that he's either making a fire or getting the bad guys. Bad guys occupy much of T's time, well until he hears a fire engine or sees people building a house. Lots of big ideas in there, just not fully fleshed out yet. So goes the mind of a toddler.


*10 creative ways to display photos and art. I love some of these ideas.

*Regine Ramseier's dandelion installation. Stunning.

*Interior design porn. Wow.

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  1. Seeing all those Autumn leaves makes me realize envious. We don't get such dramatic changes with our seasons here where I live in Australia.

    I just love the imaginative play of little kids. Cherish it!



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