Things to Make - Sticker Scenes and Other Easy Crafts


I like doing arts and crafts with my children, hopefully you all know this by now. But some days I also like NOT doing arts and crafts with my children. And on these days, I find Oriental Trading Company's sticker scenes quite handy. The scenes usually come with a blank background page and a huge sticker set. My kids can spend hours decorating the backgrounds with the included stickers. Okay, so it's not necessarily the world's most creative activity, but the stickers makes for a great after school project when my kids need some downtime (sticker scenes also work well on playdates when kids become bored or fussy). And a special thanks to Tracie for letting me know about Oriental Trading (do they deliver to Hawaii?).


Oriental Trading Company also sells various other "easy" crafts for really cheap prices (though you have to buy in bulk, we use the extras for playdates or sometimes my kids do the same craft multiple times). For fall, their selection includes "scratch off" leaves, jeweled leaves, various stickers, and lots of other stuff. Oriental Trading Company isn't offering me any perks for giving them props (though I wish they would), I'm just a fan.


After creating with stickers for awhile the girls usually end up drawing their own pictures. Sort of cool how that works.

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  1. Hi Darcy...love the compilation of activities...thanks! And Oriental Trading does ship to Hawaii, but like many other companies, the cost to ship here is waaaay more. All those specials on free or reduced *ground* shipping goes out the door when you have to fly everything in to the most remote spot on earth. So sad! That being said, I really want to put in on order with Oriental Trading for the upcoming holidays. Hope you guys are having a great (not rainy?) week!



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