Places to Go - Apple Picking at Stribling Orchard (Markham, VA)


Two weekends ago we loaded up the minivan and brought the family to Stribling Orchard for some apple picking (which we found via KidFriendly DC). Stribling grows twelve different varieties of apples (nine of which were in season when we visited). The orchard has beautiful mountain views and lots of parking throughout the fields. They also have a pumpkin patch and, on weekends, bbque. Luckily for us the owners left a few tractors in the fields, which entertained T for a long period of time. And we all enjoyed a nice afternoon without rain (rare as that has been these days).

(Under the Pecan Tree made matching ponytail holders for the girls. Doesn't P look adorable in her's?)

Though I love apples, I also had my own agenda for the day -I recently attended a (very helpful) photography workshop with Shay Cochrane and wanted to try out my new tricks. So Dan and the girls picked apples while I said things like "could you stand over here? No, to the right a little. Now don't move." Which summarizes my problem with photography, the more I learn the more I end up posing people, which sort of ruins the experience (though Dan's good at taking one for the team and accepting my quirks). If you look through this blog often the best days accompany the crappiest pictures because I cared more about "the moment" then "the picture" (though some days, especially when it's overcast or late in the day, good photos come easy). I always wonder when I look through Kelly Hamptons' BEAUTIFUL blog how she can possibly enjoy the moment and take photo-shoot worthy pictures all the time. How do you make sure your children's happiness occurs in the best available light? Or is it all post-processing tricks (which take A LOT of time)? So Kelly, if you ever read this (yes, I understand the chances are low), please let me know your secret.



*Rookie - a website for teenage girls. Wow, finally something that treats this genre like the intelligent people they are rather than the shopping-obsessed bimbos that marketers' portray them as. Plus, it's sort of fun for adults as well. Bravo Tabitha. Bravo!

*I CAN'T STOP listening to this song.

*Five lovely images. The first one is my favorite.

*Lottie Davies' travel series. Wow. Just wow.

*This budget house makeover is one of the best I've ever seen.


  1. This is a message to F from Chase: I hope you're having a lot of fun in Virginia. I'm having fun, too. I miss apple picking. Bye, I hope you have a nice day in Virginia. Your pal, Chase.

  2. Tracie - F was THRILLED when I read this to her. THRILLED!! It's been a really dreary, rainy fall so far, I'm hoping the weather gets better but I can assure you that now is not the time to miss living in VA! We miss you guys!



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