Things to Do - Happy Belated Easter


The kids and I spent most of Easter day driving back from spring break in Cleveland (more on Cleveland next week). I dreaded the drive, but between books on tape (for me) - Helen Schuman's thought-provoking novel, This Beautiful Life,had me contemplating parenting, porn, mistakes, and apologies all the way home - and DVDs for the kids things went well. We took the pictures above at a rest-stop off the highway where the kids danced, ran, and jumped until they decided they would rather watch more movies in the car.

Throughout the drive the kids kept discussing whether or not the easter bunny came to our house. Lucky for us we arrived home to a backyard full of plastic eggs (and a few Cadbury caramel eggs for me). Happiness.

How was your Easter?


So much green everywhere lately. It's a little overwhelming.


The matching shirt and easter basket were just a coincidence. A pretty cool coincidence.

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