Things to Do - A Floor Full of Memories


Despite the fact that I take hundreds? thousands? of photos a month, I barely ever print any of them out. For Easter my mom bought F a scrapbook and when she asked for pictures I realized I haven't ordered any photos in over a year. So I purchased a huge box of prints and since then the kids have spent many an afternoon with the photos scattered all over the floor - recalling vacations and everyday events, trying to figure out ways that they've grown and changed, taping them into books and making collages, and fighting over who gets which print.

As, for me, there's something wonderful about seeing so many memories randomly collected together. Especially as we step on them all in our hurry to create new ones.

Happy Monday everyone!! In case you need a laugh this morning, here's F's newest joke (perhaps the only actually funny joke she has ever told us):

Question - If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? (scroll to the bottom of the post for the answer)


*Fake Holidays

*The forest feast. Food blogging at its prettiest.

*this quote sort of captures everything i feel (well, maybe not everything).

*North Korea.

*I love these photos/installations of patterns using everyday objects. So much detail.


The "rug" on the floor is actually my dad's old baby blanket. Another layer of memories down there. Inherited ones, I guess, if such things exist (and I'd like to hope they do).

Answer - PILGRIMS!!!


  1. I'll bet it's been over a year for me, too. We have about two dozen frames from Ikea waiting for pictures and they are just gathering dust in the basement. I think you have inspired me to just go ahead and order prints already!

    P.S. I'm a long time lurker - friend of Rachel B. who led me here. I love all your activities and photos!

  2. Gina - Thanks so much for commenting. We have a bunch of ikea frames everywhere, all empty. i finally ordered the prints, but i still can't actually hang anything on the wall :)



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