Things to Do - Grateful List (March 2012)


* Listening to - The Head and the Heart
* Listening to - The Vaselines
* Watching Bill Cunningham New York (Netflix on Demand)
* Watching Tiny Furniture (Netflix on Demand)
* With the kids - Attending Out of the Box through Arts On the Horizon
* With other moms - Attending Lunafest and a night out with friends
* Obsessing over the Hunger Games (book and movie)
* Reading Ramona Quimby, Age 8 with the girls and Blueberries for Sal with T (over and over)
* The children loving Liberty Kids (Netflix on Demand)
* The return of Mad Men (finally!!)

* Easy salsa
* Cilantro/avocado/quinoa salad
* Senor Pan bakery and cafe (esp. the sweet plantains)


* A 60 degree at the National Arboretum - The National Bonsai Museum and Fern Valley
* The pizza playground and lion cubs at the National Zoo
* Georgetown waterfront park
* Zoo class with T
* Bubbles at Gravelly Point
* After preschool picnics at Alcova Heights playground
* The new interactive exhibit at the Hirshhorn
* A weekend of family adventures with Dan - Longbranch in the rain and Dulles' Air and Space Museum

* Our new google TV
* My kindle
* Storycubes
* A bicycle built for two

* P and F dressing their American Girl dolls for school and feeding them breakfast
* A diaper free household for the first time in 6.5 years
* T always yelling "partypalooza!" and dancing
* The fact that T now calls all sticks "swords"
* Closing out the bars during a MNO with neighborhood moms ("why are they turning the lights on? I don't understand.")
* The girls making leprechaun traps
* T painting ("look, i make an astronaut. and a playground.")
* The book exchange at F's elementary school
* The routine questions T asks while reading books together - "where's her mommy? is she sad without her mommy?"
* The kids climbing trees after school


F- my glow in the dark planets, Cybil Lily, Samuel, my friend E, having guests over, strawberry cake [at Senor Pan], bringing my favorite book to school, drawing pictures, planning our vacation

P - my jewelry box, art, crayons, markers, the zoo, the lion cubs, dollies, my family, Pocahontas, strawberry cake, coloring books

T - the zoo, pink sheet, mamas, dadas, my friends, the play and the playspace [Out of the Box through Arts on the Horizon], that we go to George Washington's house, choo choo trains, going to the playground, my cousins


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