Places to Go - An Afternoon at the Hirshhorn and Air & Space Museum (Washington DC)


In the past few weeks T's had a crazy busy playdate schedule. A good thing, all in all. But on the downside, we don't spend as much time together, just the two of us, as in previous years. To fix this, we decided to take Friday afternoon "off" and visit the National Mall. I always forget how easy such adventures are. On weekdays, you can usually find ample metered parking in front of the Hirshhorn (right next door to Air and Space). Plus, free admission means you can pop in and out of different places. So see some art, run through the sculpture garden, "fly" an airplane (in the Air & Space Museum's How Things Move exhibit), watch a show on the "ceiling" (i.e. planetarium). Then hop in the car and drive home. All before rush hour.


T's favorite part of the art museum? Watching three video screens in an unseen person SLOWLY covered tvs with different colors of masking tape (one tv in red, one in yellow, and one in blue). "Who's going to win, mom? Isn't this exciting, who's going to win?" I can't say I shared his enthusiasm, I found the exhibit as boring, as well, as boring as watching someone cover a tv screen in masking tape (sometimes an analogy isn't really necessary).


We ended the day with a freeze-dried ice-cream sandwich, just like real astronauts.


  1. I absolutely love the photo of you holding the camera. Such a great "story telling" photo for when he looks back at his childhood. Well done mom, well done.

  2. Thank you so very much for such a sweet comment. I'm always a little scared that when they look back they'll say "mom, why didn't you ever put the camera down?"



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