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* Inequality. I think polka band/rock band is my favorite.

* 9 Books To Get Your Kids Hooked on Reading For Life (okay, so I find the title somewhat of an overstatement, but still, it's a good list).

* The world's largest rubber duck.

* "“It was a wonderful time in the porn world because we felt we were part of the indie filmmaking world, and that our porn movies could one day be considered mainstream.” (Warning, link contains graphic content (but not actual porn) don't open in front of children)

* As odd as this sounds, this store really does have the cutest tape ever. just so so cute.

* 14 food you should never eat. Sprouts. Butter flavored microwave popcorn. Who knew? On a similar note, 7 dodgy food practices banned in Europe and allowed in the US. Get angry. Very angry.

* Beautiful.

* A long list of short stories, several of my favorite books are included.

* 26 cocktails. Perfect for summer.

* Hilarious photos of the "world's best father." LOVE!!!

* The Scientific 7 Minute Workout. Let's see if it works.

* Best family roadtrip photos ever.

* Keep Merida Brave! Um Disney, I think you've managed to piss off a great number of people.

* 21 Kids Who Sold Out Their Parents. Funny.

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  1. I have a *slight* obsession with washi tape and I think you may have just introduced me to a new favourite store! Thanks :)



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