Things to Do - Grateful List (April 2013)

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* Reading You Read to Me, I'll Read to You: Very Short Fairy Tales to Read Together with P
* Reading Signs and Wonders (Vintage Contemporaries Original) (I LOVED this book)
* Listening to Vampire Weekend radio on spotify
* F practically inhaling the Harry Potter books

* Cuties
* Gweneth's turkey and black bean chili with sweet potatoes (via Washington Post)
* Marshmallow vodka and OJ (i.e. the death of me)
* Roasted tilapia with roasted fingering potatoes, spinach, and tomatoes (so so good)

* Cherry blossoms and the playground at Hains Pt
* A whole day at SpaWorld (thank you Beth!)
* Jessie's kickboxing class (summer is coming)
* The Hirshhorn with T
* Dan and T cheering at the DC United Game (while the girls just asked for more junk food)

* T and his bubble maker
* My new ice tea maker

* Dan coaching P's soccer team
* F making us breakfast in bed
* The kids always asking how many steps I took today
* Our "sometimes you just need to have a party" party (thanks to everyone who came!)
* P talking about her "classmate" Jack and T asking "wow, one kid just cleans your class all day?" (classmate NOT classmaid)
* P at her first gymnastics class (so dedicated)
* Birds and open windows in the morning
* Washington DC's new ramp onto the Baltimore Washington Parkway (driving north just became SO MUCH easier)
* Jenny and the Banana visiting
* F "shopping" in the Pottery Barn catalog, "mom, this stuff is really really expensive, I don't understand how anyone can afford it." (nicely stated, F)
* T singing and performing at the preschool recital
* A wonderful Cuban feast at our neighbors' house
* Diet tips and drinks with Allegra
* F's third stripe in martial arts (she worked really hard for this one)

The Kids' Lists:

F - my family, art, books, our family, Lemony Snicket, a pizza party with my teacher, that we have a nice house to live in and food to eat, Silver Diner, going to school, reading Harry Potter, a great sister, Auntie Jenny and H visiting, piano lesson, my new stripe [in martial arts], going to the soccer game [DC United], that we have everything we need, that we're healthy

P - going out to dinner, easter, my new Barbie clothes, Elephant and Piggie books, playdates with L, Lemony Snicket, soccer practice, walking Coco, cherry blossom trees, Silver Diner, Wreck it Ralph, going to the playground, our party, cartwheels, gymnastics, going to the library, our neighbors' party, a really awesome day, our zoo field trip, playdates with L & A

T - daddy being home, a nice house to live in and food to eat, our family, walking Coco, going to school, going to the cherry blossoms, going out to dinner, our party, Wreck it Ralph, going to the aquarium

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