Places to go (Vacation) - Fishing and Floating at Smith Mountain Lake (Moneta, VA)


After spending a week with my mom in Indianapolis, we drove straight to southern Virginia to vacation with Dan's family at Smith Mountain Lake (we rented this house). After an awesome but exhausting week of museums and attractions, we enjoyed doing nothing for a few days. I even read a whole New Yorker (as in cover to cover).

During the day, Dan and T fished while I floated in the water with my mother in law and sister in law. Growing up in the Midwest, I spent most of my childhood summers visiting one lake or another and I almost forgot how thrilling it feels to jump off a pier - nose plugged, bracing for the cold waters below. Smith Mountain Lake was gorgeous (deer everywhere) but also dark and very deep, so within mere centimeters the water temps dropped considerably, perfect for floating. At night we enjoyed stars, smores, glasses of wine and hard-battled games of Dominion on the deck.

Happy Friday everyone! Next week, no more vacation posts next week as everyone is (finally) back at school.


* Dan caught a huge bass on the morning of his birthday, which really made the whole day.

* Monopoly is now played with credit cards. I find this so odd.


P and her cousin are only 1 month apart in age and personality wise they are totally in sync. Cousin twins.

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