Things to Make - Sharpie Tie-Dye T-shirts


This was one of those Pinterest crafts that seemed perfect for the summer's beginning (click here for the link). But we never managed to try it until summer's end. Luckily, the kids really loved designing their t-shirts (all three kids loved it - which is sort of a big deal). And the results were pretty cute, F wears her shirt all the time. So sometimes Pinterest really does work out.

Here's the scoop:

Materials: Sharpie markers in different colors, plain white t-shirts, rubber bands, medicine droppers, a variety of cups and glasses, and rubbing alcohol.

1. Use the rubber bands to secure the t-shirts to the cups (see pics below).

2. Color designs on the shirt with permanent sharpie markers (we found that this project works best if you leave some white space in your design).

3. Use the medicine droppers to add a few squirts of rubbing alcohol to the center of each design. Watch the colors diffuse.

4. Move the cups to make as many circles as wanted/needed.

5. When finished, iron the t-shirt to keep the colors from fading.

6. Wear everywhere.


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