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* I'm sort of obsessed with Julie Blackmon - her newest project has me swooning.

* Tori Amos' Top 100 songs, whether you agree or disagree with the rankings, there's some serious nostalgia in this list. I'm happy that Cooling made the top 10.

* This is a big deal, literally.

* A Siberian river.

* Best indie movies of 2013 (so far), so NO rocked (though I'm rather enamored with most Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal movies), not sure what to make of The Place Beyond the Pines, and can't wait to see Frances Ha and Before Midnight.

* Depressed Disney royalty. I love these more than I can say. It's hard to choose, but Snow White is probably my favorite. What is your favorite?

* The best books on writing, NYC, and more.

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