Things to Do - The End of Summer (2013)

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For some reason, the end of summer seems to always call for a summary post. Unlike the three other seasons, summer needs a conclusion. And I have to say, this year, I am somewhat sad to see the hot, lazy days come to an end (unlike last summer, which completely overwhelmed me). I usually am really frugal when it comes to camps (which really are SO expensive), but this July the girls and T attended three weeks of various camps, most of which they loved. And the structured days really did bring a sense of serenity to our lives, though I feel somewhat guilty about not being able to create such an atmosphere on my own. Then vacationing and lounging in August created the togetherness that I love about the that time of year (though I completely failed my at-home work out attempts and managed to gain 7 pounds).

Unlike previous years, this summer we didn't have a bucket list, except for F's random goals printing above, all but one of which we accomplished (we never did make it to a baseball game, as it's really expensive to bring all the kids, who ignore most of the game as they spend the night eyeing the cotton candy man making his way throughout the bleachers). But even without a list, we managed to see and do quite a bit.

In so many ways parenting really is getting easier - just the fact that I can now take all three kids to a museum and trust (perhaps naively) that they won't purposefully attack the art. But I guess every positive comes with some sense of loss - because seeing little T bounce his way into the last year of preschool last week made me into a big emotional mom mess. After almost 8 years of parenting, it's official, they're not babies anymore. None of them. And despite the fact that I gladly disposed of all the old diaper bags, as with strollers and naps and all the other large and time consuming commitments of the early years, I'm feeling oddly sentimental. Perhaps because all my children are so close in age, it just seemed to happen so fast. A blur of tantrums and toys that make annoyingly loud noises and shoes the size of playing cards. And so much neediness. But now they can all dress themselves and feed themselves and homework themselves and bathe themselves, which makes me so so happy. But, honestly, a little sad too.

So we adopted a puppy. I'll post some pics on Wednesday.

Happy Monday everyone!

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