Things to Do - Grateful List (March 2014)

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(T would like everyone to know that on snow days one must always wear shorts and carry a sword.)

ARTS (um, we watched A LOT of tv and movies in March, but, in my defense, cold and snow dominated the month, so we had to do something.)
* Josh Ritter and Gregory Alan Isakov at the Lincoln Theater
* Watching Blackfish for family movie night and the kids begging to picket Seaworld
* Watching The Fantastic Mr. Fox for family movie night
* Watching The Muppets Most Wanted in the theaters
* Watching Cosmos with the kids and Dan's excitement when F asked "can we please watch another one?"
* Watching The Americans, Season 1 (possibly the best show on TV, it's FANTASTIC)
* New music - Streets of Laredo Volumes I and II, Public Service Broadcasting's Inform-Educate-Entertain, Crystal Fighter's Cave Rave (thanks for the recommendation, Catherine!), The 1975's self-titled album
* Reading Marilynne Robinson's Housekeeping: A Novel
* Reading Rajesh Parameswaran's I Am an Executioner: Love Stories

* Girls' Day with P and F - Smithsonian American History Museum and lunch at Society Fair (with Jenga)
* Our family morning at the Corcoran and DAR museums
* Playing in the creek at Long Branch Nature Center
* Visiting the Mansion on O Street
* Sledding and afternoon beer drinking/watching the Irish Dancers at P Brennans on St. Patty's Day (otherwise known as the 9th school closure of the year)
* A warm Saturday at the Adventure Park in Sandy Springs with P (she's old enough for the greens now!!), followed by ribs on the grill at Shannon's house

* A wonderful moms' weekend in Rehoboth Beach (karaoke, Cards Against Humanity, wonderful dinners out, great conversations, and lots of couch time)

* Snow day sledding and playdates
* Scooters outside (on the few days when it didn't snow/rain)
* When the kids compliment each other (P to T - "you're so funny, in a good way."/ T to P - "and P you look nice in that sweatshirt.")
* Dance like an elephant
* T always asking "mom, are we taking the high road yet?" (he means the highway)
* Great Grandma sending family heirlooms to the kids


F - a nice house to live in and food to eat, a really great family, that everything is so great, that I'm student of the week/star of the jungle, playdates with Mika, Jim & Val coming back from China

P- all my friends, school, everything I like, everything I have ever liked, gymnastics, snow days, Estee & Mateo, going to the museums [Corcoran & DAR], everything in our house, the playground after school, warm days, playdates with Nicola and Tessa, High School Musical, The Adventure Park at Sandy Spring, Frozen at your friend's house, throwing the helicopters with Jim & Val

T - our family, a nice house to live in and food to eat, Spy Kids, The Fantasic Mr. Fox, playdates, making rice krispie treats, going to the museum [Smithsonian Natural History Museum]

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  1. I feel the same way about The Americans. How is everybody not talking about this show?



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