Things to Make - Potato Chip Cookies

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(Sorry, not the best photo, but at least you get the idea. Decadence pure and simple.)

We almost never have potato chips in the house. Not because I'm super healthy (ha!), but rather I can't resist them. Like a moth to a flame and all that. Seriously, I practically inhale them. But when I came across this recipe in The Chew: What's for Dinner?: 100 Easy Recipes for Every Night of the Week
(previously reviewed here), I figured that if we're going to bake cookies, we might as well go for serious decadence.

The cake batter alone is incredible. We. could. not. stop. eating.

Unfortunately, I used dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate to dip the cookies and the kids didn't like the taste of the finished product. So I had to eat them myself. See why I usually ban potato chips? Oh well, occasional indulgences are good for you, right?

POTATO CHIP COOKIES (slightly adapted from The Chew: What's for Dinner?: 100 Easy Recipes for Every Night of the Week)

* 1 cup butter (yes, 1 WHOLE CUP), softened
* 3/4 cup sugar
* 1 1/4 cup crushed potato chips
* 1 tablespoon vanilla
* 2 cups flour
* I cup milk chocolate chips

1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

2. Cream the butter and sugar with a mixer. Reduce speed to low and add 3/4 cup of potato chips. Mix. Add the vanilla and mix again. Add the flour until just combined - don't overmix.

3. Spoon small 1-inch balls of dough onto a lightly greased pan, spacing them 2 inches apart. Press flat.

4. Cook 10-15 minutes, or until golden brown. Cool.

5. Heat the chocolate chips in the microwave, stirring often. Dip each cookie into the melted chocolate, the roll the cookies in the remaining potato chips.

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  1. When we visited Prince Edward Island a few years ago we found chocolate-covered potato chips everywhere -- they're sort of a local delicacy there. These remind me of them. Yum!



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