Things to Do - 12 in 12, sort of (July 2014)

This month the 12th fell on a Saturday and even though I emailed Rebecca and Catherine earlier in the week, reminding them to participate, I still totally forgot to document our own day. And I forgot Sunday as well. But luckily, we took enough photos that I could salvage a post together, which is more fragmented than a true 12 in 12, but so goes summer vacation . . .

sunday (1 of 10)

10:30 am - We have friends staying with us from out of town, but even with 5 kids (including a 3 month old) and 4 adults, we manage to make it to the zoo by 10:30, which is good because parking is already going fast.


11:15 am - After jumping on the bouncy pizza for awhile, we head to the rainforest and lament the fact that chytrid is killing off the world's frogs.

sunday (2 of 10)

11:45 - The baby sloth bear makes a rare appearance. Coolio.


noon - F donates some of her allowance to saving elephants. Then P brags that she now has more money. And so the fighting begins . . .

sunday (3 of 10)

1:00 pm - Misters are amazing. All the adults keep fighting the kids for room under the spray.

sunday (4 of 10)

2:00 pm - T's new Bald Eagle "pet" likes to climb on things.

. . . [insert 4 hour break, during which: the guys watch Germany conquer the World Cup, the kids play wii, Jenny tries to convince H to sleep, and I take a (much appreciated) nap]

sunday (5 of 10)

6:00 pm - Walk to Red Rocks for dinner. The girls insist on sitting at their own table.

sunday (6 of 10)

6:15 pm - At least one of the three girls still thinks we're cool.

sunday (7 of 10)

6:45 pm - T takes a break from the spray park to drink some lemonade and contemplate life.

sunday (8 of 10)

7:00 pm - I find Red Rocks' food to be somewhat hit or miss, but their brussels sprout appetizer is consistently yummy.

sunday (9 of 10)

7:05 pm - The baby wakes up while waiting for our dinner to arrive. Seriously, WHERE IS OUR DINNER?

sunday (10 of 10)

7:45 pm - Last run through the spraypark before we head home.

All in all, a pretty great day (though somewhat exhausting), plus we managed to cross three categories off our summer bucket list - (1) fawn over baby animals (sloth bear); (2) tour a rainforest (Amazonia); and (3) eat dinner while your kids get wet (we love the Penrose Square splashpark/fountain).

Now click on over to Not-So-SAHM to see how her day went!!

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