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Sorry for the lack of substantive posts lately, I'm currently immersed in Colie James' Telling Stories with Lifestyle Photography Online Workshop, which is by far the best photography course I've ever participated in (I HIGHLY recommend it), but like all wonderful classes, it is A LOT of work.

I have some great posts in the pipeline, so please keep checking in.

HAVE A FANTASTIC WEEKEND EVERYONE!! And don't forget to click on over to Cherish This Day to see this week's awesomeness.

* I want to go here.

* I love it when you call me big pop-pa. I really want this one in my living room.

* I can't stop listening to this song.

* Parenting in China. I'm not sure how I feel about buttless baby pants.

* Clever.

* I want to see this movie.

* A man planted a forest bigger than Central Park, one tree at a time.

* Motherhood in photos. I love these.

* 51 things everyone should experience at least once in DC - okay, so what's missing?


  1. that workshop sounds amazing! maybe i'll try and get my ducks in a row to participate in the Sept class.....and speaking of, I LOVE your photo here! seriously adore! and in the post prompting dept, can you share & show more about your amazing work space seen in this pic? I love it! Is it for the kids or everyone? I love how you hung 4 cork frames in a quadrant. I'm desperately trying to create a work area, usually I work on our dining room table, b/c I like to look out the window and it's a nice table but the end result is that our dining room table is a disaster all the time.

  2. Thanks Melissa. The photo is actually in our kitchen, the kitchen table doubles as the craft table (which makes dinnertime a mess, but so it goes). the class is awesome, i highly recommend it!



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