Things to Do - Turn Your Mailbox Into an Art Gallery - 10% Off Papirmass's Amazing Prints


I'm always looking for new art to hang on our walls, so I was over the moon when I discovered Papirmass - an absolutely gorgeous subscription art service. For just $69 a year ($99 outside of the US) every month you receive a print with art on the front and writing on the back. Basically a gift to yourself. Papirmass finds incredible writers and artists to collaborate with, so each delivery brings something exciting.

And for those of you who hate surprises, Papirmass also sells former subscription prints for only $10 each (though they often sell out). Click here to see the selection. You can also buy folios of all their 2012 and 2013 prints.

As soon as I learned about Papirmass I emailed to see if they'd be interested in working with the blog. Luckily, they said yes. All you have to do is enter the code NOMONSTERS at checkout and you'll receive 10% off. So hurry up and buy some art!!

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