Things to Do - 12 in 12 (October 2014)

This month the 12th fell on the Sunday of a six day school holiday weekend. Originally we planned on camping in West Virginia with some friends, but the dismal weather forecast caused us to change our plans at the last minute. So we searched for reasonably priced short-stay rental properties and ended up on the Virginia side of the Eastern Shore, in Cape Charles, VA.

I'll post more on our mini-vacation next week, but in summary, we fell in love with this quaint little beach town.

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9 am - Wake up to homemade pancakes and a room full of energetic grade schoolers.

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10:30 am - Walk to the playground. Is there anything as cute as a toddler dressed as a Ninja Turtle?

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11:00 am - A playground with a zipline = kid-heaven.

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11:30 am - They're still playing.

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noon - Drive to Kiptopeke State Park.

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12:15 pm - The day becomes a little darker and colder. The kids all bundle up.

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12:30 pm - Hiking Kiptopeke's trails and checking out the yurt (yes, you can rent a yurt there!)

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1:00 pm - T is very proud of his feather collection.

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1:15 pm - Yes they swam. In October. The water was warm, but the air was cold(ish).

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4:00 pm - After lunch and downtime the kids start to become stir-crazy.

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4:30 pm - So we returned to the playground for tire races.

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6:45 pm - Sunset on the beach. The kids loved all the tidal pools.

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8:30 pm - Some TV time before bed.

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10:00 pm - Quirkle and cocktails for the adults. Yes, that's me drinking moscow mules out of a paper cup.

So I ended up with 14 photos instead of 12 (it's always so hard to choose), but rules don't apply to vacations, right? Don't forget to check out Not-So-SAHM to see how their days went.


  1. You captured the day perfectly! I love reliving it.

  2. you guys go on the BEST trips!!!! i'm such a house mouse. I need to get out and explore more! (and I really didn't mean to leave this comment entirely in rhyme) :)



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