Things to Do - This Untamed Life & The End of Summer (I know, I know, we're already knee deep in autumn)


This week for This Untamed Life we're posting lunchtime photos, which challenged me as now that all three kids attend grade school I don't have many recent mid-day photos. So I searched through my summer files and found these photos from the Building Musuem's maze, which (sadly) no longer exists. Did you visit the maze? The cost was somewhat steep, but we all enjoyed the experience of circling back in, over and over again.

Is it me or did the end of summer sort of become lost? Maybe because the cooler temps arrived early this year, but it seems like September escaped any real notice. And now when I see all the trees changing color I feel discombobulated, almost like jet lag after you step off the plane.

Regarding this summer, on the upside, for the first time ever, we managed to complete EVERY CATEGORY OF THE 2014 BUCKET LIST, granted, I made the categories pretty wide reaching, but still I feel accomplished. We learned that geocaching is HARD (despite navigating to three caches, we never managed to find a single one) and that nobody in our family likes Mama Mia (though we all enjoyed watching a movie under the stars). We also discovered that Potomac Overlook park makes for some wonderful kid-friendly hiking and that we all love a day trip to the beach.

Oh well, onto fall and soccer games and searching for the perfect costumes. And before you know it the kids will be begging for hot cocoa while I'll still be asking - but how have we gotten here so soon?

Now click on over to This Untamed Life to see how everyone else photographed lunchtime.

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  1. your kids are ridiculously DARLING!!! Oh and I meant to say re the last post -- Julia wears her hair in tiny side buns like that too! It's her favorite hairstyle these days!



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