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Lately, our afternoons seem to be a fog of soccer practices, gymnastics and other various activities. I hate when parents complain about this type of stuff because it is sort of fun (otherwise, we wouldn't do it, right?). I'm trying to avoid saying "busy" (I forget this resolution about about a zillion times a day, but one needs aspirations). The word "busy" seems to have achieved this put upon status in the last few years, as if our lives have spiraled out of our own control. Busy to me is the word of deadlines and doctors' appointments. Busy is grocery shopping and taking kids to the dentist.

Soccer games and practices, playdates and birthday parties, happy hours and basement yoga classes - these things don't make us busy, they just make us full. and blessed. and lucky.

I took these photos during T's Monday practice. The light was so pretty, but I still don't know most of the kids on his team, so I felt hesitant to photograph them. Thus P posed for me while T practiced. And by "posed", I mean that she agreed to let me take her photo if I played soccer with her, so at least one of these shots was taken mid-kick.

Happy weekend everyone! And happy fall!! Don't forget to click over to Cherish This Day to see the rest of the group's photos. Also, Cherish was profiled on the Dark Room this week, click here to check us out!


* Real flower dresses.

* This made me a little cranky (though I really want to read both books).

* I'm contemplating buying these. What do you think?

* A survey for party-goers. Fun idea.

* Blog burnout. Say it isn't so.

* Nature. Pretty.

* I love this DIY dry erase wall-art. I think it would be fun to blow one up for the girls' room and watch them draw all over each other.

* An Animated Short Film Portraying a Woman’s Journey to Body Acceptance Through the Passage of Time (wow, that was a long description).

* A new way to get engaged. I liked this story.


When I look at photos like this, I envision more broken arms in the future.


  1. I just saw those loafers on A Cup of Jo, too. I'm not sure about them ... I think they'd have to be worn with just the right thing to avoid looking dowdy.

  2. Love the shoes! and the links and the photos! and love The Dark Room and it was a very big thrill for me to see your name on there!!!!! I'm OBSESSED with Parks and Rec now, OBSESSED. So I'm happy for Tom Haverford. Those people have real names? I only know them by their Parks and Rec names, ha!

  3. oh re blogging.....those YHL peeps -- there was no way that was going to be sustainable! she responded nearly to every one of their 500 comments daily! i never got that. i'm all for blog participation and engaging with your readers but that was really not necessary, in my tiny opinion.



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