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12.04.15darcytroutman (1 of 1)

It's crazy, but the weather continues to be warm into December. No snow in sight, which makes it hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner.

HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE!! Don't forget to check out this week's awesome over at Cherish This Day.


* The 25 best inventions of 2015.

* One jar of kimchi, five dinners.

* Native American inspired Thanksgiving dishes. YUM!!!

* I might get one of these posters for T. Aren't they perfect for kids who love superheroes? Such a great idea (and they're pretty too).

* "I will continue to shoo because I love them. And because I can’t stand the thought of my kids growing up without a sense of freedom, without a sense of being in their bodies as they clamber over rock forts and fall out of trees and make good and bad choices that have nothing to do with me. . . . I lived a whole life that my mother didn’t even know about, and I want that for them. A life. And some scars."(read the whole article here).

* 10 shows to catch up on over the holiday season.

* Read a book from every country in the world.

* I really want these pants.

* A dream house for photographers? I would live here.

* The most popular baby names of 2015.

* Seriously, how pretty are these soaps?

* The double standard of YA lit. Read this and think about it. Then think about adult lit too. Get angry.

* The best salted caramel popcorn recipe ever. I'm intrigued.

* Crunchy thai salad in a jar. Yum. (scroll down the recipe is at the bottom of the post).

* I'm completely enamored with KidFriendly DC's gift guide. So many great ideas!

* 27 inspiring portraits of artists in their creative zone.

* Meet the 46 U.S. Senators who voted against common sense gun control.

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  1. FANTASTIC list!!! yes, feeling really angry about the YA thing and the gun control. ^%$@#$%^. Looove that photog's house, oh my! Punjammies? HOW did I not KNOW? How? I want some!



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