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We're still having a crazy warm almost-winter; it's supposed to be 69 degrees this Saturday. Have a great weekend everyone, whatever the weather! And don't forget to check out this week's awesome on Cherish This Day.


* The 18 best books of 2015.

* I became a famous artist at the age of 94. I love this story.

* The 50 best albums of 2015. I love the Chvrches and Sufjan Stevens' albums, can't wait to peruse the rest.

* Simon Stalengag. Wow.

* 10 famous films (and film series) that fail the Bechdel test.

* 48 things that women hear in a lifetime (that men just don't). So this made me cry. (I seem to be on a feminist kick lately, I think it's the girls getting older and thinking to myself, "um, there has to be a better world coming, there just has to.").

* If I was rich, this is how I'd dress (though who am I kidding? I'd probably just buy more pajamas).

* Fundamentally awesome frames. I really want one of these.

* A cause worth donating to.

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