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I'm still having a lot of computer problems (ugh, electronic devices!!), but new posts are coming. I promise.

In the meantime, don't forget to check out this week's awesome on Cherish This Day. I'm so lucky in that I babysit the happiest 4 year old on the planet. All she needs is a few stuffed animals and the smiles keep coming.



* Have you seen Simone Biles' new floor routine? I know nothing about gymnastics, but this is amazing to watch.

* Why affluent parents put so much pressure on their kids. I've read so many articles about insane over-parenting that look at the effects, I was glad to see someone finally write about the cause.

* I just checked out this new cookbook from the library (so excited!!). It's not as good as her last one, but still has lots of fun/easy/healthy recipes that I can't wait to make.

* We're hoping to visit here this summer. Doesn't it look awesome? (P's best friend went over spring break and said it was the "coolest place ever").

* Some of the original reviews of the Great Gatsby (it takes awhile for a classic to become a classic, or even "good" for that matter).

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