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HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!! T saved up his allowance for this Chewbacca mask, it growls and everything. Sort of creepy. Sort of fun.

Have a great weekend and don't forget to check out this week's awesome on Cherish This Day!


* 1986 in photos. Wow, I feel old.

* "White savior Barbie." Funny??

* Top 10 family adventures in Europe. Each and every one sounds awesome.

* Drunk history on Harriet Tubman. This is awesome!

* 4000 years of world history in one single, beautiful chart. I wish this was a poster.

* 4 vital questions to teach your kids.

* Virginia's best hikes.

* An important reminder that sometimes donating money is better than donating things.

* Every Disney Theme Park in 75 hours.

* 24 movies you must watch before you turn 30 (I know we're all older than 30 now, but it's still a good list).

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