Places to Go (Vacation) - 5000 Miles in 5 Weeks (America 2016)

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Sorry for the long silence, we just returned from a five week road trip and I (of course) have a TON of photos to share.

For our summer vacation this year, I couldn't wait to take the kids to Denver. I lived there during my twenties and assumed I'd never leave. But then I went to law school and met Dan and before I knew it "home" became the east coast. Even though I've lived in VA for 12 years now, I still miss Colorado like crazy, especially during the summer.

So I planned a road trip. And, yes, I know we could have made it to CO in a few days, but we decided to take our time. Thus we stayed in 10 states (and drove through through 15). Some places were better than others, but we tried to make the best of wherever we were.

We encountered some surprises along the way - who knew that river tubing in Arkadelphia, Arkansas would be so crazy fun? Or that half of the world's mosquitos seem to live in Memphis, MN? And that a canyon outside Amarillo, Texas might be one of the most beautiful places I've ever been?

But all in all we had an amazing time. America is vast and beautiful and and I'm still in awe of it all.

Anyways, more posts and photos are coming soon.

How about everyone else, how were your summers?

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We only spent a few days in North Carolina (all in Asheville) but wow - the blue hills are crazy pretty.

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Nashville and Memphis. Now I can't stop listening to Hank Williams (Senior not Junior) and F became an Elvis fan.

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We originally planned on spending three nights in Arkansas in this cabin (doesn't it look perfect?), but then a storm left the region without power so we used our Hilton points to reroute.

Our night in Arkadelphia wasn't exactly thrilling (but the hotel had a pool and the TV had Jason Bourne), and river tubing the next day was crazy fun.

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Oklahoma closed ALL of its rest stops, leaving us to take photos with a water tower (seriously, where are the signs? I love a sign), but we still had a good time in Oklahoma City.

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We only spent one night in Palo Canyon State Park, but we're already talking about going back someday.

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Santa Fe stole my heart. And on overnight rafting on the Rio Grande made me want to move to New Mexico immediately.

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We spent two weeks in Colorado. And while the highlight (probably of the whole trip) was camping at Mesa Verde, seeing (and staying with) all my friends was pretty incredible too.

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We rushed through Kansas (sorry Kansas) but the kids will love this state forever because we stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge.

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We didn't get a photo with Missouri's sign (still sad about this one), so we settled on a van that mentioned St. Louis. We are already planning a return trip to City Museum.

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Just one night in Columbus at the end of our trip. But we visited Great Grandma at her new nursing home (90 years of amazing) and spent the night with Dan's extended family, who I wish lived closer.

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