Places to Go (Vacation) - A Relaxing Girls' Weekend in Charleston, SC


A few weekends ago, I had the luxury of spending time in Charleston SC with two of my favorite girlfriends. We walked, shopped, lunched, drank, mead tasted, plantation visited, ate more, drank more and in general had a wonderful (albeit relaxing) time. Some of my favorite photos are posted above.

Now that I'm finally on instagram (come follow me!! I'm over here. PLEASE! I feel like I just arrived at a party and haven't made many friends yet), I'm trying to work with square formatting, which seems so odd after envisioning life in rectangles for the past four or five years. Does anyone else feel this way? Or am I the only one who finds this transition challenging at times? Oh well, it's always good to learn new things.

Happy Monday everyone!

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