Things to Do - Grateful List (January & February 2017)

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* Watching Hidden Figures (SO GOOD!!!)
* Watching American Honey (best cinematography ever)
* Watching Casablanca for family movie night
* Watching Girls, Season 5
* Watching the Goldbergs as a family
* Watching Captain Fantastic (MY NEW FAVORITE MOVIE!!!) - we loved it so much that after Dan and I saw it, we watched it again with the kids
* Reading Homegoing
* Reading My Name is Lucy Barton
* Reading Walk Through Walls
* Reading A Gentleman in Moscow
* Reading Patience
* Listening to Ryan Adams, Prisoner
* Listening to Vagabon, Infinite Worlds
* Listening to Thomas Dolby's Astronauts and Heretics for the first time since high school

* My family birthday dinner at Texas Jacks BBQ
* Making beesting cake (recipe here) (our favorite guilty pleasure)
* Dinner at Espita Mezcaleria with Shannon

* Family hiking off the GW Parkway (Fort Macy)
* The Shirlington & Scott Street dog parks with Isla
* The Women's March (T - "If I don't go to the march, can I still be a feminist?")
* The Hirshhorn's Kusama Infinity Mirrors exhibit - I took all the kids separately, which was awesome because I got to spend time alone with all three of them
* Family hiking in Prince William Forest Park (and P saying, "wow, this is surprisingly fun", after complaining the whole care ride there about how boring hiking is)

* Uberpool (I wasn't sure what category this went in), but it's cheaper than parking downtown. And still super fast. I never want to drive anymore.
* Molly Flangan's Real Still Life photography class through the Define school (one of the best online classes I've ever taken).

* Starting off the year at candlelight yoga and then purchasing an unlimited yoga pass at Journey Yoga - going three to four times a week feels fantastic
* Wins (and baskets) for both girls during basketball's opening weekend
* Board game nights!! - lots of Splendor, some Settlers of Catan
* Reuniting with Greg Koorey for dinner and board games!
* My birthday donuts and homemade card from T
* Cole to one of the sixth graders - "Darcy is always taking photos, it's easier to ignore it than it is to complain about it. Seriously, it's every day. If you try to fight it you'll lose." Yay, I'm a winner!!
* Super warm January and February days (70 degrees and higher)
* Dan teaching P poker (she loves it!)
* A great basketball season for both girls (both their teams made it to the second round of play-offs)
* Both girls' acting in the school play, "Harmony High" (F was Junior and P said "Sodium!")
* T and most/all the boys in the neighborhood (grades 2 through 6) staging constant nerf wars (really, that's all they do)
* Late night phone calls with my best friend (thank you Jenny!!)

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  1. Beesting cake is amazing! I've made it several times-- it is always delicious.



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