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I'm shaking things up and posting random links on a Monday (because Mondays need a boost of fun. Also because taking the 4th grade class to Jamestown, Yorktown, and Great Wolf Lodge makes for an exhausting Thursday, so I didn't get this post done in time).

The photo above was from the second half of our spring break (at Sandbridge beach in Virginia). More photos to come. In the meantime, don't forget to check out this week's awesomeness at 5 Hours 'Til Bedtime.


* Some of the best signs from the march for science.

* I'm totally obsessed with the work of Eugene Richards.

* I really want to go here. I wish someone could just teletransport me right now. And while I'm vacation planning, this trip looks super fun.

* Probably my favorite fashion shoot ever. If all models looked like this, I'd buy more clothes (way more clothes!)

* Six great swimming holes near DC. We might have to find one of these!

* Eight photographers on their favorite image in Robert Frank's The Americans.

* Oh, Ikea - what year is your favorite?

* These photos (shot by a street photographer) of the Met Gala are AMAZING!

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