Things to Wear - 12 Cute Shirts for Spring/Summer

New Yorker recently published an article about J Crew's possibly bankruptcy, coupled with a few theories as to what might have gone wrong (you can read it here).

In college, I was J Crew obsessed - dreaming of the day I'd be able to afford a whole wardrobe purchased solely from their catalog (from PJs through business wear). But somewhere along the way the prices kept escaping my comfort zone - hundreds of dollars for a simple pair of flats seemed crazy. Plus the models became skinnier and the styles quirkier.

After reading the article, I realized that I've barely shopped at J Crew in the last five years. So I decided to look online and see if they still sold clothes I coveted. And once I started shopping, well, I ended up with this post.

I love easy/flowy boho style tops and this spring they seem to be everywhere.


1. Gap ($44.95)
2. J Crew ($88)
3. Anthropologie ($118)
4. Zara ($39.90)
5. Madewell ($98)
6. Anthropologie ($98)


7. Madewell ($98)
8. Zara ($39.90)
9. Zara ($49.90) (I have no idea where I'd where this, but I find the photo's shirt/pant combo killer).
10. J Crew ($68)
11. Zara ($49.90)
12. Zara($35.90)

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