Things to Watch - Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, & HBO (October 2017)

When I stopped blogging for Netflix, I also stopped blogging about "What to Watch." Mostly because after two years of monthly Netflix posts, I needed a break.

But now I'm ready to post about TV again.

When I edit photos, I often keep an iPad on my desk and watch/listen to movies/shows in the background, which means I've watched A LOT of TV in the past two months (autumn is my busiest season). I've tried podcasts too, but listening to other people talk makes me lonely (like I wasn't invited to the party, where when I have TV in the background I feel like I'm at the party, just not in the particular conversation. If that makes any sense).

Oh well, here's what I've really liked.

What have you been watching??


The Meyerowitz Stories - I really loved this quirky family comedy(dramady?) about siblings dealing with their self-involved father. The cast is amazing and the dialogue (full of characters talking about themselves rather than listening to each other) made me laugh. (For more info, read this review).

Mindhunter - The first few episodes move a little slowly, but then I binge-watched the whole series in two days.

Shameless - Still my favorite show on TV.


Insecure - I binge-watched this in two days (and left a party early on Friday night to come home and watch more). It is just so so good.


Broad City - Truthfully, now that we're in season 3, I sort of wish the main characters would grow up a little. But they still make me laugh.

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  1. I just read a review about the Meyerwitz Stories in the New Yorker and it jumped to my Must See list. I didn't know I could see it on Netflix so thank you for that very important info!



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