Places to Go - Out and About (Iphone Pics, June 2012)


Bon Jovi cover band at Pentagon City.
Because all generations NEED to hear glam rock (I'm serious).


Mornings at the National Zoo.
The animals at the zoo are pretty wonderful, but not as wonderful as the statues. I highly suggest bringing friends and fighting over who gets the front of the gorilla. Good times.


The pool with friends. T still won't go in the water, but give him a squirt gun and he becomes quite content.


After school on the National Mall.
The Natural History Museum is open until 7:30 pm most nights throughout the summer. We checked out the butterflies, but then one landed on P and she sort of freaked out. Luckily, old school toys at the National History Museum brightened her spirits - everyone loves a slinky.


Afternoons at Bluemont Park (Arlington, VA). We just discovered this place and all the kids seem to love it - from the sandbox, to the huge train play-sculpture, to exploring the streams.
Where have explored lately? I'd love to hear!


*Plan of Work for a Small Servantless House, Good Housekeeping 1950.

*Some Chinese art.

*I want to stay at the boatel. I really do.

*If I was planning a fancy party, I'd want it to have bowls of onions.

*5 Quirky Coloring Books for the Eternal Kid.

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