Things to Read - Favorite Kids' Books VI

Preschool is out for the year, so lots of library trips and reading on the couch. Here are some recent favorites. And click here to view past posts on more of our favorite kids' books.

George and Martha (The Complete Stories) - We can't stop reading these simple, short short stories about two best friends and their love for each other. The anthology is huge so you can read for as long as you choose. And, I must admit, even after the kids fell asleep, I read ahead for awhile because the stories make me happy.

The Garden of Abdul Gasazi - We discovered this book while visiting my friend Jenny (it is one of her favorite childhood books). The story of a dog lost in a magician's gardens had P wondering for days - did the magician really turn the bad dog into a duck for the afternoon? Or was it all a coincidence? P has many theories. Great illustrations too.

Very Far Away
- In honor of Maurice Sendak's death we decided to check out a few of his lesser known books. This might be the new favorite, as P makes me read it constantly. The boy in the story travels "very far away" (defined as "many times around the block and two cellar windows down from the corner") to discover the things he loves about home.

The Watcher - Who doesn't love Jane Goodall? Once they read this biography, your kids will love her too.

The Three Questions - "What is the best time to do things? Who is the most important one? What is the right thing to do?" The book's answers - adopted from a Leo Tolstoy story - serve as a great reminder for kids and adults about the truly important things in life.

The Pea Blossom - Apparently this tale of a pea sprouting outside a sick child's window has been around for hundreds of years, but I just learned of it now. Our whole family fell in love with the tiny pea who knew that he would go "wherever it is that I am meant to."


What have you been reading lately? We could use some new suggestions.

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