Things to Do - Grateful List (May 2012)


I bought the girls some washi tape, not quite sure what they'd find to do with it. P decided to "decorate" her bed - why didn't I think of that?

Happy Friday everyone! Have a good weekend! (School is FINALLY out for the year).

*Reading Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea
*Reading Just Kids
*Reading Blue Nights
*Reading The Good Daughter: A Memoir of My Mother's Hidden Life
*Reading the May 14, 2012 New Yorker on Innovators - esp. the article on Clayton Christensen
*Watching Mad Men Season 5 (it's really good lately)
*Listening to Sydney Wayser's Bell Choir Coast album
*Watching Can't Buy Me Love at Jenny's house


*Brunch at William Jeffrey's Tavern
*Dinner at Oyamel with fellow bloggers (Not-So-SAHM, KidFriendly DC, and But I Have a Law Degree)
*Homemade crepes for Mother's Day breakfast
*Farmer's market strawberries
*Dee's Pizza (NYC)

*An uncrowded day at the Baltimore Aquarium (esp. the jellyfish)
*The National Arboretum's Bonsai Festival with T
*Sunday mornings on Columbia Pike - brunch at William Jeffrey's, shopping at the farmer's market, and buying wine for dinner at Twisted Vines - all within walking distance
*The US Botanical Gardens with Auntie Jenny and Hannah Banana
*Circo Para Todos and Midnight Circus for free at the Kennedy Center's Millenium Stage (part of DC's Street Art Festival) and watching the kids run circles around the Kennedy Center's balconies
*Nepalase Dancing during Columbia Pike Library's story hour
*The Street Art Festival at Yards Park (esp. The Red Trousers Show and watching the girls' jumprope)
*A Friday night concert and waterplay at Yards Park
*Brooklyn Bridge carousel
*Queens Zoo (NYC)
*BBQing in Jenny's backyard (NYC)
*Voting on brand logos at the Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum on Governors' Island (NYC)

*Two huge bags of hand me downs from Allegra
*A plethora of mother's day cards and gifts
*Burt's Bees eucalyptus bath crystals
*Smile Bright teeth whitening

*P and T creating "the circle of life" with all P's toys and stuffed animals
*Auntie Jenny and Paras visiting
*"Mom, when I grow up can I be superman?" - T
*T using his Ironman toy to "save" Rainbow Dash
*T "helping" Dan mow the lawn
*How well all the kids in P's preschool class have bonded (esp. their fabulous teacher)
*Finding a toad at Claude Moore Colonial Farm
*Sunrise on the way to Crossfit
*The kids always throwing circuses
*P's end of the year preschool party at M's house (alcoholic lemonade)
*Over 8000 page views in one month (which is high for me)


F - learning more about space, Cybil Lily, dolphins, studying, Hannah Banana, school, the Boxcar Children, learning, books, science, reading, writing, the circus, studying, math, the party [P's last day of school party], ice cream [at Brooklyn Bridge Park], carousels, that bald eagles aren't endangered anymore

P - my family, dollies, going to the aquarium, watching My Little Pony, reading Fancy Nancy, drawing, coloring, Auntie Jenny visiting, Daddy's strawberry shortcake, the circus, dinner and fountains [at the Kennedy Center during the Street Art festival], playdates, reading, books, planning sleepovers, my crayon rock, my new pencils, M's party, the secret girls' club, dessert, carousels, ice cream [at Brooklyn Bridge Park]

T - my family, dollies, Cybil Lily, walking F to school, driving the airplane [at Clemyjointri Park], Hannah Banana, guns, art projects, the circus, the party [P's last day of school party], my airplane toy


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